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A Race for Change Part 1: Content

Following on from a previous article, I will be delving deeper in to how the various marketing techniques mentioned can be used to full effect in our industry. Titled 'A Race for Change', this series will help you make the most of what you have available.

Part 1 of A Race for Change will focus on content marketing, something that is quick, free, and easy.

Content marketing is very popular in modern marketing, and according to the Content Marketing Institute, over 89 percent of brands use content marketing to grow their business. It is especially important for small businesses, and yours is a small business. No matter if you're the biggest kennel, the largest syndicate, or the most popular track; with the current state of greyhound racing, you're a small business. And as a small business, you may not have an enormous budget to invest in advertising your product. This is where you NEED to turn to content.

As a matter of fact, we at Sustainable Racing Group use content marketing to drive traffic. That's the reason you're here, to read this content. We're publishing content online, in the Racing Post, on various social media platforms and through our customers.

Content marketing is as simple as posting a result, the photo from a race presentation, or if you have access, a race replay. All these things drive traffic to your social media pages, or your website, and it's quality traffic. Traffic that converts prospects in to customers, and customers in to repeat buyers.

5 Great Examples of Content Marketing in Racing

Quality over Quantity

Consistency is key in your content, and whilst over 50% of businesses publish daily content, it's important to focus on the quality of your content over the quantity. There's no real point in posting once every 3 months, as it belittles your digital reputation.

Create Conversation

In a similar fashion to how the Greyhound Trust use their Friday faces videos, content can create conversation on social platforms. Various ways of doing so include starting discussions on recent industry news, asking questions of your audience, and interacting with those who are already engaging with your brand.

So, how do I get started?

Starting a content marketing strategy is simpler than you might first think. For instance, starting a blog on your website and work on creating weekly content is the perfect starting point. Once you have a blog up and running you can go further to create different content, depending on your area of interest and expertise. Having already established a following on your blog, you have the opportunity to share your product there, as well as distribute the content via your other platforms i.e Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Once you start linking all the different forms of content marketing together and trying different approaches, the rest almost fall into place.