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5 Great Examples of Content Marketing

The idea of this article isn't so readers can just copy what others have done, but for you to draw inspiration and learn from what others are doing to grow your brand or business.

1. Ladbrokes/Dave Clark Promotional Video

The promotional tipping videos produced by Ladbrokes invite interaction. And it's clear to see that these are well received post races in question.

2. Burma Kennels - Educational Video

Judging by the amount of views this video has, we've likely all seen it. It's no coincidence that this video out of the many posted by the kennels was well received. Educational content brings a lot of views because it draws attention. Knowledge is power, after all.

3. Towstars Greyhound Syndicate - Promotional Video

Towstars are a syndicate we have worked with but this video wasn't our doing. This simple, 55 second promotional video on their new syndicate bitch, starring trainer Anneliese Thompson, received over 20k views in less than a week and in turn, all shares were snapped up.

3. Crayford Dogs Twitter Post

Now whilst you can see there hasn't been a huge amount of interactions with the post, it's a great deal more than their usual average of zero. People interact with posts like these because they aren't trying to sell a product.

5. Greyhound Trust - Friday Faces Video

The Greyhound Trust do a very good job of using user generated content to their advantage. Each Friday, they accumulate photos of adopted greyhounds, compile them in to a single video, and use that as social content.